Thursday, 25 December 2008

Sell your Christmas pets!

For Christmas, every higher level player gets a pet in Ironforge. There are one of four you can get, a Green Helper, Red Helper, Snowman and Reindeer. Last year I got the Red Helper and a friend who I can't remember gave me a Green one too. As a serial pet collector, I was disappointed not to get one of the other two this year (Green Helper for me this year).

These pets can be sold on the Auction House and in a few months will be very rare and expensive. I'm sure even now they will be worth a fair amount. One thing to note, they don't seem to be listed under pets at the auction house yet, so you may need to advertise. It's worth saving these pets on all your alts, especially if you have no interest in pets. With a new "Collect 100 Pets" Achievement incoming, pet prices are going to rise even further, which is a shame because I think the black tabby will be forever out of my reach now. Still one disappointment leads to riches, can't be all bad. Not that I would say no to any pet donations if you're reading from the Doomhammer EU realm. What you want puppy dog eyes too? I'm begging on my short gnome knees already!

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