Thursday, 25 December 2008

Sell your Christmas pets!

For Christmas, every higher level player gets a pet in Ironforge. There are one of four you can get, a Green Helper, Red Helper, Snowman and Reindeer. Last year I got the Red Helper and a friend who I can't remember gave me a Green one too. As a serial pet collector, I was disappointed not to get one of the other two this year (Green Helper for me this year).

These pets can be sold on the Auction House and in a few months will be very rare and expensive. I'm sure even now they will be worth a fair amount. One thing to note, they don't seem to be listed under pets at the auction house yet, so you may need to advertise. It's worth saving these pets on all your alts, especially if you have no interest in pets. With a new "Collect 100 Pets" Achievement incoming, pet prices are going to rise even further, which is a shame because I think the black tabby will be forever out of my reach now. Still one disappointment leads to riches, can't be all bad. Not that I would say no to any pet donations if you're reading from the Doomhammer EU realm. What you want puppy dog eyes too? I'm begging on my short gnome knees already!

Christmas farming

Christmas means Azeroth is not so busy, at least for things as mundane as farming mats. In 45 minutes of Mining and extracting clouds I got this in Scholazar.

132 Saronite Ore
5 Titanium Ore
72 Crystallized Fire
54 Crystallized Shadow
46 Crystallized Earth
23 Crystallized Water
5 Crystallized Air
1 Chalcedony
1 Huge Critine

I don't really do Christmas (beyond my television marathon) so it's been very nice to be able to get the materials for the Engineering motorbike and 3 epic Leatherworking pieces I want, with such ease. Personally I think Scholazar is the best place to farm for stuff like this because you can just go around in circles on auto-pilot and the mobs rarely bother you.

I forgot to mention I just hit level 80 a couple days back (nothing wrong with being a "Gz" whore!). I only completed Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord & Dragonblight, and was halfway through Grizzly Hills. Having so many zones left will help me get some cash for the 8000 gold Kirin'Tor ring. I'll definitely wait to get some better gear before stepping into the level 80 zones, as I'm still in mainly level 70 gear except the new epic engineering head and have struggled the few times I've visited Icecrown.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Keep your eye on Enchant prices

After the release of Wrath there was a big crash on the price of the Outland enchanting materials (Arcane Dust, Greater Planar Essence and Large Prismatic Shards). No one was interested in old enchants and there was a massive supply of them thanks to Death Knights.

Things seem to be heading in a completely opposite direction now. The materials are needed by enchanters leveling their profession and now is a very popular time for people to do this (Death Knights leveling up now or people taking on the profession because of its usefulness as raiding/arena starts in Wrath). Burning Crusade enchants are also popular at the moment because people do not want to waste money on expensive Northrend enchants while they are still gearing up in raids or arena, so they settle for the Outland ones.

On my realm Greater Planars have gone from 7g to about 17gold in the last few weeks. Arcane Dust has gone over the price they sold for during Burning Crusade. Large Prismatic shards are still worth very little because people still avoid the most expensive Outland enchants that required them.

If you do happen to have Outland gear you want to disenchant, here is a guide on if you should vendor or disenchant;

- Level 65-70 Blue quality or Level 70 Purple quality items; vendor these because you're more likely to get large prismatic shards that sell for a few gold on the auction house. Level 70 purples can vendor for more than 10 gold.

- Level 60-65 greens; These are more likely to disenchant to Arcane Dust so it depends on the vendor value. If they vendor for 2 gold, you're more likely to make a profit from the dust. If they vendor for 8g you might be better of just selling them.

- Level 65-70 greens; These are the opposite of the above. These have a higher chance of rewarding Planars, so unless they vendor for over 10g, you're better of disenchanting.

Of course there are add-ons that can help you determine this, but that's my tip of the day. This ignores listing the gear on the auction house. This should be avoided because there is very little demand and very high deposit costs. Most likely you'll waste a deposit for a week before selling, meaning it's hard to break even selling gear on the auction house.

Sell as Eternals or Crystals?

End of term work for University and Christmas has meant a slow down in posting, but I'm trying to get some more posts in around Christmas. Today I want to talk about selling Eternals on the Auction House.

In Burning Crusade you would need 10 Primals (Earth, Water, Fire, etc) to turn them into one Primal. They were found through multiple sources (mining, killing mobs, gas clouds, etc) and used for most crafting recipes. In Wrath we now have Crystals that can be turned into Eternals. Selling these on the Auction House is very lucrative and even casual players can make a few hundred gold off this weekly. Just like in the last expansion Fire, Air and Water tend to be more expensive due to their rarity and some of them can sell for as much as 50g each.

I've seen lots of posts online recently about the best way to sell them; should you sell the Crystals individually or wait until you have ten to sell as an Eternal?

In most cases selling them separately as crystals will net you more money, however there are some limitations to this. If you put ten on the market, it is unlikely they will all sell and a big chance you will be undercut due the the quantity you have put up. Often after a few hours of questing you can have enough crystals to make 2 or 3 eternals. Selling these as crystals could take days if not weeks because you have to limit yourself to only putting a handful on the market at once. On the other hand selling a few eternals will usually only take a few hours. Personally I think having a faster cash flow is far easier, instead of wasting time constantly trying to sell your crystals. If you rarely come into contact with them you're probably best of selling them as crystals but I don't think this applies to most people.

Many people are overly reliant on Auctioneer and it's exactly this type of item it will let you down with. The price of eternals are extremely volatile and it is better to use your own brain for a change. Most items fluctuate on price during busy times of the week by a reasonable amount; a stack of ore might be 40g on Friday night and 50g by Sunday, auctioneer will therefore give you a fair average price. Eternals work differently, and can change by as much as 50% in price during the week. It's really up to you to check the prices regularly for a week or two to find out what your ideal selling price is.

In Burning Crusade Primal Fire on my realm moved between 20 gold and as much as 60 gold. Most of the time they would be between 20g and 40g, so personally I would only list them on the auction house at times when the price was at least 30g. It definitely the type of item you should not settle for selling at a low price because the demand is always high.

When it comes to setting a price for them it's wise to be aware of other sellers. I'll run through a few models. You scan the auction house for the price of an eternal and find a decent supply of eternals on the auction house;

- You find that there are numerous auctions at 30g and one auction at 27g; in this scenario don't undercut the seller at 27g. Eternals are always high in demand and most people are usually buying more than one, so in this case list your item at just under 30g.

- You find that there are numerous auctions at the same price. In this case you should be looking to undercut because there are multiple sellers all at the same price.

- If you find there are only a few on the auction, you might want to risk putting it a much higher price.

Some people will ask if the prices are so volatile why don't you just sell them at the times of the week when prices are high? Well in my experience there is no set time of the week where the prices will be extremely high and it's too unpredictable. Enchanting mat prices are dependent largely on when instances are run and mining materials on when people are questing. Eternals on the other hand usually depend on other factors. Most servers have thousands of miners so there is a steady supply of metal but eternal prices can be dependent on just a handful of engineers on a realm and when they decide to go farming, meaning they can change the market price at their own discretion (with or without realising it). Due to this, I think it's best to find a price you are happy with and sell if you feel the average price is it a decent level.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Winter Veil tips

The Christmas holiday will be starting on Monday and it should be a good time. I enjoyed it last year and achievements will add too it hopefully. I decided to write a quick run down on some things you might want to have prepared before Monday to either save yourself money or even make some, for a more detailed guide check out this WoWInsider article.

A Frosty Shake and Scrooge require snowballs, which you can pick up in zones like Arathi Highlands. You will also be able to buy them off vendors now for just 10 copper. If you've been selling Snowballs on the AH, you probably want to get rid of them now because they won't be worth much anymore. Then again some people won't realise you can buy them from the vendor and maybe you'll still make some money.

The Winter Veil Gourmet is an interesting achievement for a few reasons. You'll need to cook all three of the Winter Veil recipes, so level your cooking to 325 if you are yet to get there. You can expect cooking materials to rise in price as people realise this. Two of the recipes also require Small Eggs. I've bought some very cheaply from the AH, and I'll resell the ones I don't need. You can probably make a tidy amount of money off this. There's also a way of making money off the vendors by making Hot Apple Cider. Check out the comments on WoWHead, an interesting discovery.

Let It Snow has potential to be a real pain, especially if your Alliance looking for a Orc Death Knight. I advice teaming up with a friend to create alts of the opposite faction although that will be limited to PvE realms. PvP players will have a bit more work to do, although I'm sure you can do it eventually hanging around Dalaran.

Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la doesn't require Preserved Holly but there will still be a market for them. Although it's likely you can sell them for more during the year.

Tis' The Season is one you should really start saving for now. You'll need three parts of the Christmas outfit. The hat is available from Outland instances although they may update that. The clothes are made by tailors and the boots by leatherworkers. It's worth buying Runecloth, Wool, Rugged Leather and copper bar now, because the prices of these will be rising. If you're a leatherworker or tailor, you might want to start selling these now if you have the recipes from before or saving the materials if you hope to make some money after buying the recipe from Monday. If you have those materials, it's also better if you start selling them on monday at an inflated price. The good thing is both these pieces are not soulbound, so you can share them with your guild.

I'm really looking forward to this holiday. Most of the achievements are easy to get and won't get you frustrated. Hope everyone has a nice Winter Veil!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

December's here!

I have a feeling that December will be a very busy month in Warcraft. Sure everyone might be busy with Christmas but it also brings a ton of free time for people who are usually working. Most people will be hitting level 80 and starting heroics & Naxx. There are also a few in-game events kicking off that will keep everyone busy. December 15th sees the start of Winter Veil which should be fun (Hallow's End left me a little jaded) and a day later the new PvP season will begin.

I'll probably still be battling away, trying to hit 77. I'm still double minded on if I'll get the Northrend flying skill, because I'm having a lot of fun exploring the continent from my mount. I'll probably only be on Dragonblight by then, I'm already level 74 and so far only done Howling Fjord. On the other hand I really want to start working on my engineering and it would certainly help if I could farm for metal whilst flying. Do you guys have any plans for the holiday period?

Also seeing as it's the start of a new month, I'll drop a reminder for Consortium Gems for old time's sake. I think I'll still head down to Nagrand because it's the first time I'll be revered with the Consortium.

Armory & Gold Stats Update

Last week Blizzard updated the Armory website so it now included achievements and statistics. This included the Gold statistics I previously mentioned. I admit curiosity got the better of me and it was interesting to see the gold the top raiders had. It's also interesting to note that Blizzard has reacted fast to the community's complaints over these statistics now being available to people who don't even play the game (let alone your realm), and removed them from the Armory. I think this is a sign that Blizzard let this slip through the cracks and that a future patch will hopefully see them removed in-game too.