Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas farming

Christmas means Azeroth is not so busy, at least for things as mundane as farming mats. In 45 minutes of Mining and extracting clouds I got this in Scholazar.

132 Saronite Ore
5 Titanium Ore
72 Crystallized Fire
54 Crystallized Shadow
46 Crystallized Earth
23 Crystallized Water
5 Crystallized Air
1 Chalcedony
1 Huge Critine

I don't really do Christmas (beyond my television marathon) so it's been very nice to be able to get the materials for the Engineering motorbike and 3 epic Leatherworking pieces I want, with such ease. Personally I think Scholazar is the best place to farm for stuff like this because you can just go around in circles on auto-pilot and the mobs rarely bother you.

I forgot to mention I just hit level 80 a couple days back (nothing wrong with being a "Gz" whore!). I only completed Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord & Dragonblight, and was halfway through Grizzly Hills. Having so many zones left will help me get some cash for the 8000 gold Kirin'Tor ring. I'll definitely wait to get some better gear before stepping into the level 80 zones, as I'm still in mainly level 70 gear except the new epic engineering head and have struggled the few times I've visited Icecrown.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Dude, imagine mining combined with herbalism. That's what I got on my main. Sholazar is a treasure-trove, to the point of being annoying when questing. Flying around from point to point I always switch node tracking every 2 seconds or so and there are at least a zillion nodes of herbs and ore. Titanium kinda kills me... very few nodes. Well, since I finished questing in the area, I need to get back there and farm some.