Wednesday, 3 December 2008

December's here!

I have a feeling that December will be a very busy month in Warcraft. Sure everyone might be busy with Christmas but it also brings a ton of free time for people who are usually working. Most people will be hitting level 80 and starting heroics & Naxx. There are also a few in-game events kicking off that will keep everyone busy. December 15th sees the start of Winter Veil which should be fun (Hallow's End left me a little jaded) and a day later the new PvP season will begin.

I'll probably still be battling away, trying to hit 77. I'm still double minded on if I'll get the Northrend flying skill, because I'm having a lot of fun exploring the continent from my mount. I'll probably only be on Dragonblight by then, I'm already level 74 and so far only done Howling Fjord. On the other hand I really want to start working on my engineering and it would certainly help if I could farm for metal whilst flying. Do you guys have any plans for the holiday period?

Also seeing as it's the start of a new month, I'll drop a reminder for Consortium Gems for old time's sake. I think I'll still head down to Nagrand because it's the first time I'll be revered with the Consortium.


Josh said...

Not much planned.

Doing some instances, and trying to get the guild settled into a raiding scheme.

Trying to get my BSing up to respectable levels. 325 now so not long to go.

Might just farm Cenerian Circle Rep in Silithus. Did some last night and seemed pretty fun. So I'll see how it goes.

After that, I might try for 80...

Esdras said...

I will be trying to get as much XP as possible and have flying mount back for christmas.

Josh said...

Hmm. Well, it appears I'll hit 80 before any of that.

79 now.

As a plus, we ran three instances last night too.

Hope this continues. Great XP. Great EXP.