Thursday, 24 July 2008

Saving for the expansion

Been getting a lot of replies and emails from you guys over the last 2 days, I'm very overwhelmed and have to say thanks to all of you for helping me out so much. I'm trying to reply to each one, but apologies if it takes a little time.

I thought I'd have a nice light hearted post to follow some of the more serious ones. I'm interested to know what you guys are thinking in terms of the expansion, where you want to spend your money and what not. Do you want to have a base amount of money going in? Personally I've set my goal to have 13k gold going into the expansion, which I feel is a nice amount to get my main anything I want on release. This is an overly self indulgent amount, but I'd rather put in some work now and not have to think about money later; I just want to level in peace. I only have one level 70 to think about, so I'm lucky I don't have to worry too much about treating one character and leaving the others behind. I'll be able to level professions and buy rep items with relative ease. Overall I'm looking at my costs like this

- I want to get my engineering up to the cap as soon as I can. This will probably be a large money sink, but not too bad thanks to my mining. I'm guessing 1-3k gold.
- If I can buy reputation items from the auction house, I always will, because grinding them on my own is a bore. I'm guessing 2-4k gold on these items.
- Unrevealed gold sink; Burning Crusade had the 6k to spend on flying, and Wrath's most likely going to add passenger mounts & maybe even faster ones. One thing we do know is that there will not be a massive 5000g gold sink as previously, but smaller ones, so expect maybe four or five gold sinks costing 1-3k each. It's possible some of the siege weapons and vehicles for PvP might cost money.
- My level 36 druid who I primarily use as a disenchanter will have to level to 50 so she can step up her skills to disenchant level 71-80 items. I will probably spend a bit leveling the enchanting skill, but overall I have a huge stockpile of materials, so costs might be manageable.
- The Death Knight could end up costing a bit. I'll be training inscription and herbalism, and if I manage to level it up, a few mount training skills. This is more long term (6 months into the expansion) so I'm not too worried about these costs.

For most players I think 5000g will be a reasonable amount of money, as long as you're prioritising one of your characters. This is fairly easy to achieve and not taking into consideration the amount of money you will be making once you are actually playing in the new continent. One thing that will probably throw these estimates off track is that we're more than likely to see inflation. We all know a thousand gold today is worth less than it was before the Burning Crusade, and the same will happen here. I'm hoping auction house prices do not rise so much and the removal of daily quests at level 71 could help; educated guesses suggest current daily quests will reward more XP than gold, although I've yet to see evidence of this from the Beta (anyone playing it let us know!).

If you do focus on one main, now is a good time to make that final push for you epic flyer. It's never been easier to get, and once the expansion will come you can enjoy saving for fresh new things, instead of worrying about old world content you wish you had. We won't be able to fly until level 77 in Northrend, but the last 3 levels will be the easiest of your life with an epic flying mount. Don't worry about the cost of training falling, in a year 5000g might be as easy as making 1000g today!

Let me know what you're saving for, or if there's anything from the Beta thats already tempted you.


Wyrmsfire said...

Trader, I'm not in the beta, so I can't really say if there is anything that I am saving for. But I can tell you that my 62 horde character is now broke after the paladin epic mount series of quests. I'm not really doing too much with him just for the fact that when Wrath hits, I'll be concentrating on my Alliance side Death Knight.

I don't have but three Alliance characters at this point, none of which is over level 20 and has more than 1g on him/her.

So I guess what I am saving for, or will be, is the epic mount for my Deak Knight. It wont take long to get him from 55 to 60. From there it'll be Outlands and such until 68 or so, then off to Northrend.

To finance myself, I just created a Night Elf Druid who has taken on Enchanting. Once I get him high enough to do solo runs and whatnot, I'll be disenchanting and selling the mats on the AH. I'll also be doing herbalism to provide mats for Inscription.

zadieyek said...

For the beta, I'm saving up money for training, faster mounts, passenger mounts and whatever unknown gold sinks Blizzard puts in the game that 'wow' me (no pun intended).

A main reason I was saving up was because I thought it was going to cost gold to get our 'right to fly' back in Lich King. My understanding at this point is that getting flight back is a pretty simple level 77 quest line. No telling, however, if it will stay this way.

I am in the beta. I'm currently plugging along leveling and exploring. The basic gathering skills are in and last I checked, Enchanting, but nothing else. I think as more things are added I'll definitely have a better idea of what I'm saving for; but until then I'm going to keep saving, just in case.

WoW Trader said...

I believe the Death Knight will get a quest reward epic land mount, so you should be ok Wyrm. Saving for an epic flyer should also be a piece of cake with the expansion, I expect a week's worth of saving (at the moment its about 3 weeks if you know what you're doing)

Gratz for being in the Beta Zad, I'm desperate to check it out, but probably banned due to a previous nerd rage session (long story lol). Will be very interesting to hear some stuff from you as more news comes out, I'm especially looking forward to the new Achievements.

70 TW said...


Apparently in Beta there is a ring available which will port you to Dalaran and give you a few nice stats which will cost 7600g! Lookout for that one.