Sunday, 13 July 2008

Learnin' the hustle

Why should you care what I have to say? Well I could tell you how I managed to make (at least) 35, 000 gold in my first year of playing the I had over 8, 000 gold before I even hit level I was running around with 20 slot bags by the time I was in my mid I bought a Zul Aman bear mount despite having never stepped into Kara, let alone ZA. But really none of this matters, and I only tell you these facts because maybe its grabbed your attention. I'm just an Economics student at University, who somehow found a game which has actually made my education interesting. I never knew when I first installed this game that I'd get so much enjoyment out of making virtual money. Having made my "fortune", I no longer care enough about keeping my secrets. I have enough gold to last me the next expansion, or maybe even two.

In all honestly, making money shouldn't be difficult for any level 70 player. But not everyone is level 70, or has the time (patience?) to do 25 daily quests everyday. Nor does this consider your raiding/arena commitments, whilst holding down a job and family. Or the fact you may have a couple level 70s with no realistic chance of ever getting that epic flyer for all of them. However, there is a severe lack of basic knowledge amongst much of the WoW community on how to achieve balance between making and saving money, whilst still keeping the game fun. Do you buy that epic gem you need off the AH, or that Orb of Deception you've always wanted? Most players are constantly facing a battle between buying stuff they need and buying stuff they want. I managed to find this balance for myself easily and this blog will hopefully help you find it for you.

The blog will talk about ways of making money, saving it...and sometimes I'll go a little off topic.

I'm not for one second claiming I know it all. I learnt about small parts of the WoW Economy to make myself some money. But there are hundreds of other avenues that I either don't have the time for, or just don't know about. Hopefully my ideas will blossom ideas for you, and you'll find your own niche. Some of these suggestions will seem very basic, yet I can assure you a lot of people will not know about them. I'm also sure there are plenty of things I don't know about, and you'll fill me in on them. Hopefully you'll enjoy my articles, and leave feedback (positive and negative). Let's get to work!

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Gil said...

I've got a level 70 'lock, a 63 druid and a low 20's priest and i'm as poor as a... very poor man. I struggle to make enough money for 1 character, much less for 3...
Here's hoping you post some guides, be it about professions or otherwise, about how to make gold in a efficient way.
By the way, I hate dailies too, it's just one big grind which I avoid like the plague, specially being on a PvP server (read: gankfest)