Friday, 1 August 2008

August Consortium Gems!

Sorry for the lack of updates, been very busy with work and family. Just a quick reminder that you can go get your free Consortium gems from Nagrand today, don't miss out on a chance to make some decent gold for free. Back this weekend, or early next week with some more articles.


Wyrmsfire said...

Would someone mind giving me a clue as to what these are? I've heard of them, but just not sure what they are, how to get them, where to take them or anything else. Also, what level do you need to be for this? I'm level 62 at the moment... and still very clueless about anything in the Outlands. Sounds like Outlands stuff to me.


Zadieyek said...

Hi Wyrmsfire,

The Consortium has a camp in Nagrand. Every month, you can go there and talk to an NPC who will give you a bag of gems. The quality and number of gems given are based on your faction with the Consortium.

So a character at friendly will get say 3 green gems where someone at Exalted will get say 3 green gems and 2 blue ones. The gems you get are random so its all based on pure luck outside of the faction requirements.

WoW Trader said...

As Zad pointed out, you'll have to be atleast friendly with Consortium before you can claim any gems. If you have any higher level friends, ask them to help you with the Consortium quests in Nagrand, although you might be too low at 62, I think you have to be 64 to pick up the quests. These gems will become less useful after the expansion, so may as well get as many as you can before it drops.

You can pick up the gems anytime during the month, so you should be ok to pick up this months batch until August 31st (and then be able to get September's supply the next day).

Actually I don't think the quality of Gems is linked to your reputation, just the quantity. Or atleast the quest is bugged...because the first 2 months I did this I got 2 blue gems, despite being only friendly. And since then only greens.

Zupa said...

Hey Zad, great blog.

I just read it front to back, and finally feel motivated to go make some cash in WoW.

I just hope I feel the same when I sit down to play!

Keep em coming, I think you are doing a great thing sharing your knowledge with us all.

I, for one, will be back often, and have linked you on my site.



70TW said...

Warcraft Trader, I hope to see you back blogging again soon! The posts which you have written were extremely handy and I would love to get some more of your gold making tips and tricks.

I understand that you are probably busy, but I sure hope we do hear fro you again :)