Friday, 21 November 2008

Some changes to the blog

(I wrote some of this blog a week or two back, so you may have noticed some of these changes already)

Hopefully you guys have noticed a steady increase in my blogging. I've decided to make some small and big changes to the blog. First off I realise that whilst some people do reply to my posts, most don't bother (I know this because I get far more emails than replies). Maybe having to log in does put some people off, so I've decided to let anyone post comments. I would still prefer to see your names so I can check out your blogs in turn, but I'd rather have more interaction, even if it is with anonymous users. I've also decided that I will moderate replies that are for posts older than two weeks. Hopefully this will cut down on gold seller spam, whilst not getting in the way of new posts. I added a little subtitle to the blog also and I'm probably going to drop the anonymity I've guarded so far. I'm not as money driven (or rich) as I used to be, so I don't mind if I do get a little grief. Also I'm not a guild leader anymore, so I have far more free time.

I googled "warcraft trade" and noticed I was number six on the results. Not bad for a blog I should put more effort into. The site description is a bit odd though, although I have no idea how that can be changed. I've been thinking about getting my own domain name, but the obvious ones are taken. Do you guys have any suggestions for domains? (Edit: I re-added the poll to the home-page now, sorry if you have to vote again)

Finally, the biggest change I'd like on the blog is having some guest bloggers. Whilst I do try to keep up to date with all the goings on in the WoW economy, I am limited to my own areas of expertise. I thought it would be nice if some of you who have experience in different areas were to write some posts to share with the community. The blogger would get full credit for his work, although I might edit certain things although that will be minimal (spelling corrections, breaking up paragraphs, keeping the posts concise, etc). If I like your stuff, I'd even be open to sharing the blog with other writers. Content wise I'm open to anything, although it's probably best to avoid writing about professions I'm already familiar with (Engineer, Skinning, Mining in particular). If anyone is interested, I would love to hear from you at

I've posted more this month than any before, so hopefully things can pick up. I've got some other ideas too, but all in good time. Thanks for the feedback as always.


Anonymous said...

I voted for "" but I don't see anything wrong with sticking to blogger. Thing with blogger is that being owned by Google, it gets a lot more crawls than a random domain. Besides, you've already kinda built a sort of "brand recognition" here. You will probably lose some traffic if you move.

Thanks for enabling anonymous comment, like I said in a previous post. I wanted to comment on some of your other posts but didn't have an account.

WoW Trader said...

The old address will still work, and I will still be on blogger; I will be buying the website name off Google.

Basically nothing changes, except now I will have an easier address that I can use when telling people about the site.

I'm still not sure about the actual design of the blog though. I like how its simple, but its harder when it comes to longer articles. Tobold and Relmstein format allows for longer paragraphs

I like Softi's Banner
Might have to ask some friends if they could design me one.

All work in progress.