Thursday, 26 March 2009

Rogues and Leatherworkers can make some money in 3.1

Being the least played class does bring some advantages to it. Rogues are pretty hard to find these days, and I'm usually the only one in an Archavon Pug, and free gear is always welcome. One surprising side effect has been the increased cash flow from opening lockboxes. In Burning Crusade I had really given up on charging people for opening them, even asking for one would get you looks of disgust and a "lul i ken find 100 other rouge to opan". Fair enough, I can provide a service and if you think you can find a better deal, go get it.

The situation is pretty different these days, and I would say 95% of people are happy to pay what I charge. My prices are 2g for Khorium, 3g for Froststeel, 5g for Titanium and 1g for anything lower. Typically I'll add another 5g to that if you want me to travel to another city. I think that's pretty reasonable considering the value of the contents (I opened an old Azeroth box for my guild a few months back which had an Orb of Deception).

The good news is that El has dug up some information about a new lockbox from the upcoming Fishing Dailies in Patch 3.1. The catch is that the Tiny Titanium Lockbox requires 405 lockpicking (maximum skill available is 400), so you'll need Dark Leather Gloves to even open the box. This is a fairly rare world drop recipe from vanilla WoW but the leatherworkers lucky enough to have it should get to making some. I've been keeping an eye out for the recipe and gloves on my Auction House, and finally spotted some guy selling the gloves today for 30g each. I don't think too many people know about this, so you can make some very nice money. One thing to note, the materials of the recipe are going to be reduced according to the PTR.

I've had these gloves for a few years now, and it will be something I'll have to add to my bags on permanent basis. The new lockbox will actually contain epic gems, and considering the value of these in TBC, I will probably be charging anywhere between 25 and 50g to open these boxes. Expensive? Sure, but a gnome needs her gold.


Delos (Dave) said...

Based on the WoWHead comments, it looks like it got changed so it now requires 400 LP instead of 405, so level 80 rogues and Blacksmiths can both open them without any special arrangements.

WoW Trader said...

Damn, that sucks. I'll still be charging more to open these though :p