Thursday, 16 October 2008

How was your Patch Day?

WoW! What a day. I though the Shattered Sun Offensive stuff was exciting, but I have to say I've never had more excitement in the game than I've had since Patch 3.0.2 came out. There has been so much to do, I've been playing almost 10 hours straight, and I'm not even close to doing half the things I've wanted to. Even Stormwind Harbour only got a brief view.

On the money front, I've had people telling me they've made 8000g from selling herbs today, and frankly I'm sure there are some who may have made double that. The economy has been irrational but it was to be expected. Personally I didn't bother with any of it, as I've only been back in the game a few days (although I'll probably regret it in a month or two). Hopefully some of you managed to make some money. I hope none of you have wasted your money on the ridiculously priced Glyphs so far, the new talents are overpowered enough making them largely unimportant for the time being. I'll be interested to see if you guys managed to make some money today, or if like me you decided to blow it all on vanity items!

I tried to collect the 50 vanity pets but got stuck at 46 (there's a bug that doesn't let you put pets on the AH, so my horde pets were stuck). I leisurely started collecting some mounts, and by the time I got to the mid 30's I realised I was in for a shot at having the 50 needed for the achievement. Several thousand G later, I had this sitting in my mailbox.

An Albino Drake! I didn't think I'd get it till Wrath, so I was overwhelmed. I've had some pretty rare mounts sitting in my bags since I started playing, but this was by far the best. I can't even describe how many tells I got, or even /cheers from the opposing faction. As someone who's never raided, it was a very surreal feeling to have something this rare and actually get attention for it. For me the achievement's system is a big win. If you want to get your hands on a similar mount, you'll get your chance soon enough, by completing all the Wrath heroic instances. Certainly quicker and cheaper than getting exalted with countless factions.

So how was patch day for you guys?


Wyrmsfire said...

Hey Trader! Patch day for me went pretty uneventful. I had already downloaded the patch via the background downloader, so at 9:30am on Tuesday, I was installing the final patch. There was one issue with it cleaning up residue and such, but I reapplied the patch and it went smoothly.

From there, I waited until 2pm PST to attempt to log into Earthen Ring. And waited. Then I waited some more. Finally... I got tired of waiting and went ahead and... yup. You guessed it. Waited.

I never got to play that day and only got in Wednesday afternoon.

The Achviements system is awsome. I love it. Never thought about doing the mount achievement. If I want it, do I need to shell out a significant amount of gold? I have about 1,300g at the moment and am saving up (painfully slow) for the 5k for my epic flier.

Next up: Paladins. Specifically, Ret Pallies. I'm Prot. Doesn't matter anyway. I was doing PvP BG's trying to get some gear, and it was going well before 3.0. Now, I've given that up. Ret Pallies are just steamrolling over me.

Ok, long enough reply. Again, welcome back. I look forward to more posts!

WoW Trader said...

Hey Wryms, nice to hear from you again.
Our realm has been a nightmare since the Patch, we've had a few hours of realm down on Friday, and today the whole of Europe couldn't log in. Still well worth it. Trying to get 50 Honor Kills whilst under GNERDS at the moment (Halloween fun!). The Bucket quest is impossible!

Yeah you need to get your epic before you can attempt to do this achievement easily. But yeah to buy the 50 mounts is expensive. Buying 5 off Netherwing cost 1000g alone. You're looking at 5-6K.

Pallys...what can I say. I just did my first BG, and Pallys are insanely OP. I was almost about to get frustrated before realising I was actually playing AB for fun (and not for grinding gear) and quickly lightened up about it. I'm sure things will get better at 80. I guess I was just unlucky the BG had 4 Pallys, who managed to own 10 of us solo :D

I got a few articles I wrote before my break, but they need heavy editing because they've dated a bit. See ya soon!